Under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, Elder Ward has been allowed to preach around the State. During his saved years he has held the following district and state offices:

Southern Ohio District Brotherhood Treasurer under Elder Leroy Kemp for three years
Ohio District Council Brotherhood Treasurer under Elder Thomas Martin for three years
Ohio District Council Brotherhood Treasurer under Elder Earl Hayes for three years
Ohio District Council Brotherhood Sergeant of Arms under Elder Earl Hayes -2006 -2009
Ohio District Council Men’s Ministry President – 2009 -2012 and re-elected for President for the 2012 – 2015 term
Recently elected Sargent of Arms for IMMA of PAW in 2014

The ODC Men’s Ministry received an award from International Men’s Ministry Auxiliary (IMMA) of the PAW, Inc. for financial support to the IMMA in August 2010. The presentation was presented by Presiding Bishop Horace E Smith, M.D. and Chairman, Suff. Bishop Rosko Motes.

Elder Ward is married to Minister Sandra Ward and to that union the Lord blessed them with a son Jamar, his wife Tara of Columbus Ohio, daughter Jasmin and husband James Vincent of Cleveland Ohio and two granddaughters, Lanea and Kalyn Ward.

Elder Ward has held many local positions in his local assembly that include the Associate Pastor, Outreach Ministry/Prison Ministry, Men’s Ministry President, Men’s Ministry Choir President, Middler and Adult Sunday School teacher and Vice Chair of GCT Church Board. In 2011, he along with his wife Sandy, co-host on the internet radio station. Now they have their own program, “We’re Still Standing” every Tuesday on KCWG the Truth.com of which the station was nominated for a Stellar Award in 2012. Also they assist with a 24 hour telephone Marriage Hotline. He enjoys reading and being with his family.

The Audio Message provides additional information that may be of interest.